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My students feel that Regents Boosters™ is an invaluable study aid to help prepare them for the Regents.
Principal of YFR

This method of review is very helpful to our students. It’s amazing! This is the way teachers should be teaching!

Mrs. Rebecca Weiss, Principal of Ateres

The cards clarified and simplified so many hard-to-understand concepts. I would never have passed without Regents Boosters™.

D.Y.H., Student

My teacher told me that I’m going to fail my Regents. I got Regents Boosters™ and passed with flying colors! I don’t know what I would have done without you!

M.H, Student

It’s a clear and concise aid to help students visualize complex concepts.

Mrs. Manne, Master Regents teacher

The simplicity of the cards, their breakdown of concepts, the vocabulary, and helpful hints make this a great product. The card method is less intimidating for students than thick textbooks.

Principal of J.I.Q

When my students started using the cards last year, they loved them and did very well on their Regents!

Principal of YSI

As a Regents tutor for years, I have yet to see a Regents review that the kids love until Regents Boosters™ came along . These cards are brilliant!

Mr. K, Regents tutor