“My teacher told me that I’m going to fail my Regents. I got Regents Boosters™and ended up
not only passing, but actually doing very well. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you!”


Why Teens Love Regents Boosters™

  • Student friendly
  • Color coded units
  • Easy-to-understand vocabulary
  • Great hints
  • Loads of graphics
  • Great for all different learning styles

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Available Subjects:

  • Bio Boosters™
  • Global Boosters™
  • Earth Science Boosters™
  • Chemistry Boosters™ coming soon!

Typical Regents Book Regents Boosters™
Long: Loads of extra info Short: Just what you need to know for the Regents
Hard: Difficult vocabulary, difficult concepts Easy: Simple vocabulary, difficult concepts broken up into “bite-sized” chunks, material explained super clearly
Boring Exciting: Color-coded cards, hints, pictures, characters
Hard to remember material Easy to remember the material with our advanced memory-aid-techniques