Student Testimonials

“My students loved the color-coding, hints, and easy-to-learn format of the cards.
They were able to learn and retain the required material effectively. ”

D. Sprague,
Regents Teacher, Edward R. Murrow High School

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What Students Are Saying:

student1“These cards simplified so many hard-to-understand concepts. I would never have passed without Regents Boosters™.”

student5b“It’s so hard to study from the books, but when I studied with Regents Boosters™, it made it so much easier. The cards work together with my mind.”

student43“My teacher told me that I’m going to fail my Regents. I got Regents Boosters™ and ended up not only passing, but actually doing very well. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you!”

student3“The information is clear cut, without extra info. If you know the box, you know the Regents.”

student65“The Regents Boosters™ are a necessary tool for passing the regents exam. I used Regents Boosters™ for other subjects and was successful in passing.”
Tony (Amazon customer)

student21b“I wish I could give more than five stars. It arrived very quickly, and is an amazingly helpful product. THANK YOU!!!!”
–Sharon (Amazon customer)

mom2“My son with learning disabilities failed his way through the year. We really wanted him to pass the Regents, but were at loss. We ordered Regents Boosters™ online and… he passed! This is G-d sent.”
Christine (Parent)