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REGENTS BOOSTERS ™  © All rights reserved.


If you are taking Regents and would like to:

1) Ace your Regents

2) Learn all the information you need to know in a fast, easy way, REGENT BOOSTERS™ is just for you

These cards were specifically designed to include JUST the information you need to know for the Regents without the extra, overwhelming material.

Also, the cards are written in simplified, short vocabulary that you don’t have to “crack your brain” to figure out what the text is saying.

Bio Boosters™ currently includes about 300 double sided flash-cards.

Global Boosters™ currently includes about 500 double sided flash-cards.

1) Uses advanced  memory techniques to help you remember all the information

Examples: hints, pictures, and diagrams

2) Regents Boosters™ flash-cards format appeals to students

Examples: color coded cards, attractive fonts, and loads of graphics

Chemistry Boosters™ are coming up next.

We are working to have a complete series of Regents subjects. We value your opinions and would love to know which subjects you would be interested in. Please let us know.