“These cards present the material so clearly and don’t
bog the students down with extra information. I love the hints and study aid techniques.”
–L. Weichbrod,
Regents teacher, Machon High School  

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 Regents Boosters™ products are available on NYC’s FAMIS portal with NYSSL funding.

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Regents Boosters™ Products 


Chemistry regents

Chemistry Boosters Book


1 Chemistry Print Book + 1 BONUS Chemistry ebook (1 year license)

Item number: 800355229

Price: $26.99





Chemistry Boosters™ ebook


1 Chemistry ebook (1 year license)

Item number: 800355237

Price: $13.99     



living environment regents

Living Environment Boosters Book


1 Living Environment Print Book + 1 BONUS Living Environment ebook (1 year license)

Item number: 800355245

Price: $26.99





Living Environment / Biology Boosters™ ebook       


1 Living Environment/Biology ebook (1 year license)

Item number: 800355253

Price: $13.99     



Earth Science regents

Earth Science Boosters Book


1 Earth Science Print Book + 1 BONUS Earth Science ebook (1 year license)

Item number: 800355261

Price: $26.99





Earth Science Boosters™ ebook    


1 Earth Science ebook (1 year license)

Item number: 80035527

Price: $13.99  





General FAMIS ordering instructions:

  1. Log onto the FAMIS portal.
  2. Enter your school’s login information.
  3. Select NYSSL (software) program.
  4. Search for Regents Boosters™ products using the item numbers listed above.
  5. Select the quantity you wish to order. We highly recommend ordering for each student. 
  6. Submit the order.

If you need any help along the way, please contact us at [email protected] or call 855-438-1007.

Please note: We accept NYSSL funding. We do not accept NYSTL funding.

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Please note: As of June 2011, NYSTL funding may be transferred and then used for NYSSL purchases.

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