“The simplicity of the style, the breakdown of concepts, the vocabulary and helpful hints
make this a great product.The card method is less intimidating for students than thick textbooks.”
–J. Seidman,
Principal, Queens Gymnasia High School


The engaging Regents prep experience for your classroom

Raise your students’ scores and help your school district reach its academic goals.


Regents Boosters package includes a book and a digital license.

As you teach the material on the smart-board, your students can follow along with their cards. Then, they can review material on their own, at any time and any place.

Effective for all different types of learners


Great for Students:

  • Student friendly: attractive formatting, color-coded units, easy-to-understand vocabulary, loads of graphics
  • Uses advanced memory-aid techniques to help students retain information
  • Includes hints, acronyms, associations, and visual aids
  • Small and easy-to-transfer books make review simple and convenient for school and home study
  • Minimal text, maximum information makes Regents Boosters™ great for weak or ELL students

Great for Teachers:

  • Enhances the teacher’s ability to teach effectively
  • Provides teachers with great, innovative ideas how to present difficult concepts through hints, analogies, and diagrams
  • Helps the teacher reach students with all different learning styles

Typical Regents Book Regents Boosters™
Long: A lot of extraneous information is included, which bogs down your students’ minds. Short: Includes all the information your students need to master the material, without the extras.
Hard: Difficult vocabulary and difficult concepts overwhelm your students and make it difficult for them to retain the information. Easy: Simple vocabulary and broken-down concepts make the studying experience easier.
Boring: Raw facts on a dry layout are a recipe for boredom. Exciting: Color-coded cards, hints, pictures, and diagrams will keep your students engaged in the learning.
Hard to remember: It is challenging to master and retain the full Regents course. Easy to remember: Advanced memory-aid-techniques incorporated to help your students retain the information effectively.