How to study for the Regents

For all those taking the regents tomorrow or the next, (or any time!) here are some easy, helpful study tips that will help you ace your regents.

1. Find yourself  a clear, concise, engaging Regents review. You’ll love the Regents Boosters Living Environment app!

2. Find yourself a comfortable, quiet place to study for the regents.

study for the regents

studying for the regents


3. Take 10 minute breaks as needed. During each break, take a drink and do 10 jumping jacks. This will help you think better.

4. Make sure you understand each reference table. If you don’t already own a reference table, you can download and print one here. Get to know Reffy (the reference table) well. He’s a good friend. He’ll give you many answers on your regents!

5. Practice regents questions. The more questions you practice, the more you’ll be familiar with the style, the more answers you’ll know on the regents. Also, here’s a secret you may not know. The regents often repeats similar questions from previous regents. You can find previous regents here.

6. Make yourself  mini goals. Reward yourself after you finish each unit. (Yes, bring on the chocolate and coke! You deserve it!)

7. If you ever get overwhelmed while you study for the regents (na, that never happens :), stop and breathe deeply. To learn how to deep breathe, watch this youtube. Tell yourself, I will study well, try my best, and do well on my regents. By feeding yourself positive messages, you can actually score higher on your regents than if you’re constantly convincing yourself you’ll fail.


Good luck! We’re sure you’ll do great!


Mr. Boosters

Mr. Boosters

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