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How to study for the Regents

For all those taking the regents tomorrow or the next, (or any time!) here are some easy, helpful study tips that will help you ace your regents. 1. Find yourself  a clear, concise, engaging Regents review. You’ll love the Regents Boosters Living

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Study Distraction: Do Calories Increase with Surface Area?

We all know what happens when we’re studying hard, we eat! Eating gives us strength to keep on going or it just distracts us from overusing our brains. Now after that fourth bag of candy, you start wondering…is there more

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Listen to the Radio(isotopes)…

Here are four important Regents Boosters Chemistry flashcards for an important and complicated Nuclear Chemistry topic – radioisotopes and their half-life and decay mode. These cards discuss the NYS Regents reference table (Table N) and a real Regents question:   Happy Studying!

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It’s the seesaw of life, and it’s called homeostasis

Yes, we did just make a science-y reference to The Lion King. That’s because there’s a certain balance in the world and it’s constantly moving up and down, in and out, and around in a circle. Which is how we

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